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The Space Between You and Me


Technical Information

The following information will be of interest to galleries and organizations that may be interested in installing and displaying The Space Between You And Me. Questions that apply to a specific location should be directed to the artists via the Contact page.

This installation is designed to be light, easily transported and constructed. It can be assembled in art galleries, as well as less conventional settings such as schools, hospitals, and universities.

• room requirements:

minimum size 24’ x 36’ x 10’ (ceiling height)
completely dark (windowless) for video projection
control over lighting
three 15 amp outlets, preferably on different walls
single entrance door, preferably in a corner or on a short (24’) wall
totally secure in off hours to prevent vandalism or theft


• transportation:

shipping to and installation in most locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia can be easily arranged.
Longer distance shipping requires a loading dock that can accommodate a single crate that is 48” x 96” x 48”H and approximately 900 lbs.

• installation:

setup and takedown are approximately four to five hours each
all required tools and equipment are supplied

• presentation:

viewing time is approximately 15 to 20 minutes
the show has no start or end and loops continuously
viewers walk around and through the installation
no chairs are required as this is not a video presentation where the viewer sits down to watch
supervision is necessary and will either be provided by the artists or by the venue
viewer comments are welcome in the book provided or by email at the contacts provided