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The Space Between You and Me


Paige Tomashewsky, the teen who inspired the creation of the project, suggested the title for The Space Between You And Me.

Paige’s TS has forced her at times to keep a space between herself and others for their protection. Students always left a space around her at assemblies and in line-ups. Although she always understood the need for this, it was still very painful. Even given theses boundaries she has a lot of friends who know the price of being in her space but they willingly accept it.

The space is the physical and emotional gap that TS creates for Paige. Sometimes it is to protect her from people’s judgments or to protect others from the dangers her tics can cause.


There are three video images projected onto and through a series of transparent and semi transparent screens. These images are mirrored in various reflective materials. Each video addresses a different, but interrelated theme:

interviews with teens with Tourette Syndrome,

interpretive dance inspired by Tourette movements,

nature imagery reflects motion present in the natural world.

Sound is heard from three distinct locations with the primary focus on the words and thoughts of the interviewed teens while the subtle sounds of nature and silent dance accentuate and re-enforce the spoken word.

Media Coverage 

Edmonton Journal, December 7, 2008:

Artists hope video exhibit on Tourette's speaks to teens

Edmonton Journal, June 25, 2010:

Into the mind of a teen with Tourette’s


  • to promote diversity and inclusion
  • to bring a deeper understanding and respect of youth with disorders
  • to encourage community involvement