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Agnieszka Matejko is an artist, art instructor and visual arts writer. She holds an MVA degree in sculpture from the University of Alberta. Her exhibitions include collaborative video and audio installations held at McMullen Gallery and at the University of Alberta. Agnieszka teaches at MacEwan University. She has written numerous art reviews for publications including Alberta Views, Artichoke, Vue Weekly and Galleries West.

Bob Lysay started working in broadcast radio in 1970. Since then he’s been actively involved in audio, video, live show, multimedia and interactive production. He has worked with a wide range of broadcast, educational, corporate and government organizations, producers and clients. Until recently he taught video production in the Design Studies program at MacEwan University, and continues to consult and work in a variety of media including video-based art installations.


Participants We owe a debt of gratitude to a number of people who have helped to bring this project to fruition, In particular:

Interpretive Dance
Kira Guloien created beautiful, unique interpretive dance based on her observations of Tourette movements.

Alana Bauman
Keaton Chatenay
Graham Hill
Michael Lang
Dustin Loughean
Daniel Richard
Paige Tomashewsky